My name is Erin, and in 2009 started this food blog.  It was not a quick decision for me.  I wasn’t a Facebook user, cannot figure out the pros of using Twitter yet, and feel guilty at the amount of time one can spend pinning things.  I know that sounds funny for someone starting a food blog.  I guess I attribute it in part to always dreaming of having a catering business (that won’t happen), my love to photograph mostly anything, and my need to make and share food with family and friends.  I am not a food critic or professional photographer, (although they each sound like a career I should have chosen instead of interior design!)….but I find myself drawing from each of those professions, and have become an avid cook that loves to see friends and family enjoy the food I prepare.

I think that my love of cooking took off after watching the Food Network from its inception, and deciding to challenge myself to cook more than just london broil or chili.  Plus, at the time, I was young, and living in sin with my soon-to-be husband and so I had the perfect guinea pig.  I followed the very technologically advanced method of obtaining recipes from episodes of the Essence of Emeril or Molto Mario, by mailing in my self-addressed stamped envelope and my check for 3 bucks.  In a few weeks came sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper, creased in the middle and stapled – aka the recipe booklet.  I was hooked.  From there, came ordering cookbooks and subscriptions to every food magazine there was.  We have tried a ton of recipes, and I think fondly back on all the years of trial and error.  Since then, I have graduated to about 6 photo albums worth of stored recipes.  This foray into the blogging world is my way of sharing my collection of food – some recipes mastered – others will be my first shot.  Hope you hang out and enjoy!


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