soppressata radicchio rolls

soppressata appetizer platter

Ok, so my man still likes his antipasto.  Then again, so do I.  When my husband and I were dating, he was responsible for food on game day (insert sport), and so in turn, we had a loaf of italian bread from the oven, a brick of provolone, some sliced meats I had never heard of (it took time to pronounce prosciutto), beer, and a squeeze bottle of hot deli mustard (ok, so and I had another bottle, but that was something different…to drink…)  To be honest, nothing much has changed – except I mainly run the kitchen now.  I have tried over the years to lighten up the feast  (except for the Dallas games, which I turn a blind eye to and make whatever he wants), but for other entertaining, I seemed to have found the middle ground for meat eaters and those who would rather try not to devour 2500 calories in 3 hours.  This recipe is one of those that bridge the gap.  I love the fact that I found this recipe in the sidebar of a magazine.  I guess it caught my eye because of its simplicity, in addition to the fact that there was soppressata rolled….that made me interested.  If you know me, I like finger food, and not just a bowl of chips and salsa (which I can devour!).  I enjoy putting something out, even if it is just for my husband and me, because that is what cooking is about….having fun…taking pride…and having it taste delicious.  So on certain occasions, there is still a pile of meat put out as an appetizer, but at least it is rolled around radicchio!

soppressata radicchio rolls (adapted from Food & Wine)

24  mild soppressata slices
1 nice sized radicchio head, shredded
10  pepperoncini, chopped
2  oz. goat cheese, crumbled
1  tsp. red wine vinegar
1  tsp. extra virgin olive oil
TB pine nuts, toasted
kosher salt and ground black pepper

soppressataradicchio salad

get started on the rolls:

In a bowl, combine the shredded raddicchio, pepperoncini, goat cheese, vinegar and olive oil.  In a small cast iron skillet, toast the pine nuts for a few minutes, shaking occasionally so as not to burn.  Add to bowl and combine with radicchio mixture.  Add salt and pepper to taste.


Arrange the slices of soppressata on a work surface and mound about a tablespoon or so of the radicchio mixture on each piece.  Roll up the soppressata around the salad to form a cone.

rolls of soppressata

note:  to make this meatless, I served a portion of the radicchio salad in a bowl and served with crostini.  Just check that the salad is dressed enough to adhere to the crostini.  Also, I made this once with sliced almonds – untoasted, because I didn’t have pine nuts.

rolls with bowl

rolls with cheese plate

prosciutto parmesan egg muffins

egg muffins

I had another post all lined up, but I got sidetracked this morning.  We woke up blessed by overcast skies and threats of thunderstorms, (wait for it…) so my obligation to work the baseball snack bar went POOF!  So I snuck downstairs while my kids were playing, and looked to see if I had any cinnamon rolls to make, but I didn’t.  We are not the breakfast family.  Cereal and oatmeal are really the only two things in my pantry.  Lately, my kids have been getting bored and have been making themselves peanut butter sandwiches or grabbing a snack bar in the morning.  That doesn’t make me all that happy.  But this morning, I remembered seeing pictures online for eggs made in muffin tins.  I know I can at least win my daughter over with them.  I know the same thing can be made scrambled, but now I have convenient  little snacks, or breakfast on the go for the next couple of days.  I love the fact that you can just plop any old topping in them and you are pretty much guaranteed success (within reason of course.)  They took about 25 minutes from start to finish and with a little salsa and my coffee, I was quite happy.  My daughter devoured three of them.  My son had a peanut butter sandwich.

prosciutto parmesan egg muffins

egg shellsred bell peppers

get started on the egg muffins:

nonstick spray
8  large eggs
1/2  cup low-fat milk
kosher salt
crushed red pepper
1/3  cup red bell pepper, diced
3  slices prosciutto, sliced thin
1.5 oz. shaved parmesan cheese (about 3-4 TB)

egg mixtureinto the tin

Preheat oven to 350.  Coat muffin tin with nonstick spray.  In a mixing bowl, add eggs, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper and stir with a whisk.  Pour mixture equally into muffin tins.  Do not over fill.  Divide red pepper among the twelve cups.  Tear prosciutto into each cup and top with parmesan cheese.  Bake in center of oven for 15 – 20 minutes.   They will deflate after you take them out of the oven.  You can check it with a toothpick to be sure level of doneness.

prosciutto toppingshaved parmesan

egg muffin plate